Each dosha can be increased by many different factors. The following are some of the main causes of increased doshas.

                                                          Wind (Vata)                                        Fire (Pitta)                              Water & Earth (Kapha)

                                                          is increased by                     is increased by                           is increased by 

element                                                wind                                        fire                                           water and earth

temperature                                         cold                                         heat                                        cold

taste                                           spicy, bitter, astringent                     spicy, sour, salty                   sweet, sour, salty

season                                       fall, early winter                                 summer                                 late winter, spring

yoga pose                                 upward bow, inverted arch        headstands, warrior,                 full forward bend,                                                                                                                                         "hot yoga"                             tortoise   
food                                            beans, crackers, ice cream,     sugar, salt, fried foods,             breads, sweets, meat,
                                                    cold food, coffee, soda,            tomatoes, cheese, meat,          all dairy, cheese, banana,
                                                    broccoli, popcorn, lettuce,        alcohol, citrus fruit, nuts            cold food, yogurt, salt, 
                                                    cabbage, split peas, melons    chocolate, soda, yogurt            alcohol, potatoes, sugar
                                                    raw apple, corn meal, etc.        corn meal, vinegar, garlic         eggs, oats, wheat, etc.
                                                                                                         onion, etc.           

lifestyle                                       over talking, excess travel,         overwork, late nights,              lack of exercise, day
                                                    late nights, fasting, running        fasting, competition, etc.         sleep, couch potato, etc.  

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